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Q: What ages are catered for in your magic shows?
A: My main audience is usually aged 3 – 10 years old. I treat older children in the audience as if they were adult and will use them in a routine where I may need a grown up, or to help assist smaller children.

Q: Are the children's magic shows suitable for pre-school children?
A: Yes. I do many shows for pre-school nurseries and all shows are age appropriate.

Q: Do you cater for children with special needs?
A: Children with special needs are particularly welcome at Charlie Muddles' magician events and are actively encouraged to participate.

Q: Do you use live animals in your kid's magic shows?
A: No I never use live animals. I have a couple of dog puppets which the childen love.

Q: Do you dress up as a clown?
A: No. Some children (and adults) are scared of clowns. I do dress up so that I am obviously the children's magician  and entertainer, but not in a clown outfit.

Q: What geographical area do you cover for your magic shows?
A: Usually within a 30 mile radius of Northampton. I still am taking bookings in Oxford but will need to take into account travelling. As a result, most of the bookings would be repeat and subject to availability

Q: Do you just do birthday parties?
A: No. I can perform wherever a children’s magician or kid's entertainer is needed. Events can include weddings and receptions, christenings, fetes, community events, restaurant fun days, Xmas parties (private & corporate), schools and pre-schools parties and corporate events.

Q: I have 15 children at a 45 minute children's magic party, Do I get a discount?
A: No. Our prices are competitive and take into account the preparation required beforehand, costs such as balloons, sweets etc and travelling time to and from the children's magic party.

Q: I have specific needs. Will that be a problem?
A: In most cases it won’t be a problem. It would be impossible to put every scenario on a website so please contact me to discuss your requirements.