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About Charlie

Charlie Muddles - Children's Party Magician

A lot of people ask me how and why i got into magic. As with all magicians it is the love of entertainment – either performing or watching. In fact I love watching other magicians as if I am an ordinary spectator.

Magician and Entertainer - David Nixon (with Anita Harris)My first introduction to magic was watching David Nixon (I was born in 1963) with Ali Bongo on television. I’m not sure what the attraction was for a five year old, but I know I loved it. My parents booked a local children's magician called Christopher Magic for my 6th birthday party. Ali Bongo - Magician and IllusionistBeing entertained first hand in our living room was amazing and I decided I wanted to have a go.

My father worked abroad at the time and we spent a lot of time in Africa. He bought me a children’s magician briefcase. As we were living in the French part of the Cameroons all the instructions were in French but my father translated them for me and I soon learnt the tricks. More importantly, he also instilled the knowledge in me that there is a difference between a trick and a routine. A routine takes a magic trick and moves it into entertainment.

This love of magic has been with me ever since and into my adult years. I used to do little magic shows for friends and family. My wife used to host karaoke parties for a company that managed entertainment in the Oxford area and they included, amongst other things, discos and entertainment for children’s parties. They would get asked about magicians for children's parties and subsequently I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into children's entertainment!

Table Magic for Corporate EventsThat's not to say that I do not like having an adult audience though! Being the magician at weddings or providing table magic for a corporate event are equally rewarding but with adults being natural sceptics, the challenge is in getting them to rediscover their childhood innocence and believe their eyes.   

I am a member of Equity and get regular repeat bookings to do magic for pre-school children's parties. I thoroughly enjoy performing magic for younger children and particularly those with special needs. With these groups, the emphasis has to be on the entertainment because, for children, everything is magical and there is no reason why certain things shouldn’t happen. Kids see magic in rainbows in the sky, snow on the ground and the way flowers grow, so why shouldn’t something disappear from one place and reappear elsewhere. This is why the emphasis has to be on the story and my magic shows for children are all about telling little stories

If one child that I entertain also catches the bug and eventually becomes a performer, then I know I have succeeded.