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The Magic Show

Children's Party Magician - Charlie MuddlesPlanning a successful party, function or event is important for the grown up or organiser. Sometimes the first birthday party can be the one that can cause the most stress as you want to get it just right. That is why booking the right children's entertainer is important. If you book an entertainer or kid's magician without any plan or thought about what will be provided then you could have disappointed or bored children at your party.

All Charlie Muddles Children's Magic Shows are well planned and the most popular formats booked (for birthday parties, summer fetes, etc) are:

30 Minute Magic Show  - A nice magic show that can fill an awkward gap in your party. 

45 Minute Magic Show – A straight kid's magic show and balloon animals. This is the most popular option as it fits the best within a two hour birthday party. 

1 Hour Magic ShowChildren's magician and balloon sculptures. Popular for longer birthday parties, functions, fetes etc.

1 Hour Magic Show and Games - 30 minutes magic and 30 minutes of games using a PA system for music. The PA system is a self contained amplifier / speaker that I can attach my iPad to. This is ideal for people wanting to keep children occupied for an hour, but feel that the children are too young to sit through a one hour magic show.

2 Hour Magic Show and Games using a PA system instead of full disco. The PA system is a self contained amplifier / speaker that I can attach my iPad to. This is ideal for homes or halls where space may be limited, but you would like whole party organised.

2 Hour Disco, Magic Show & Games – For organisers who want all the stress of the party taken away from them, the full children's party option is ideal. The games and party dances are ones that the children know and love such as Superman and Hokey Cokey etc for dances and musical statues etc for the games. Charlie carefully manages the games so that no-one is “out” but a prize is always given awarded in each game eg for the best statue etc. This keeps the party flowing. All the prizes are provided and all the party organiser has to arrange is feeding the children.

Balloon Magic for Childrens PartyAs the vast majority of children enjoy balloon animals, Charlie prepares enough balloons prior to the magic show to ensure every child has a sculpture to take home with them.

You may be hosting a fete or family fun day. You may just want Charlie to walk around making balloon animals for the children (big or small). You may want Charlie to do close up magic for the children whilst they are sitting down eating in a restaurant. You may want a mixture of options. None of these presents a problem.

All the shows are age appropriate. Charlie aims to use as many helpers as possible (even grown-ups when necessary) and he has done a lot of shows for pre-school and special needs children. Charlie also understands the need of actively involving siblings or older children to ensure maximum success at the party.

If you are looking for something that falls outside a standard option then this is not a problem. Just contact us, or have Charlie call you, and tell us what you are trying to achieve.